Hollywood Billionaire clicker game on Android devices

A clicker game where you make movies and try and become the next hollywood billionaire


Choose the movie genres you wanna make: crazy fantasies, smart Sci Fi, funny children’s movies, action, horror, super heroes and even space opera
Click and record your movies
Get feedback from the critics
mprove your studio and your home
Hire extras and helpers


Upgrade your equipment and impress your critics: buy a better camera, improve the background, the floor style, decoration, the microphone, and so much more!
Watch out for your team: a real STAR is followed by the best director, production team and even the chatty boy!
Amuse your audience and make more money!
Improve the your film-making quality and get more fans!

Usual gameplay with good graphics and decent sound effects. There are some adsa which can get annoying though


Watch some gameplay